Knowing what it is that we see brings us meaning and gives value to what is seen. —Lynn Bevan

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Plant Identification Tools

Apps are constantly changing. Most are for all plants, with the option to use photos of bark, a leaf, a flower, or a seed.        Three to try:                  

Google Lens

Picture This


Recommended Reading

Trees in Canada Cover

Trees in Canada by John Laird Farrar is a classic.

Trees in Ontario Cover

Trees of Ontario by Linda Kershaw is out-of-print, but is available in many libraries. 

Walks in Canada Cover

For those who want to experience more of the Carolinian habitat, on foot, Walks in Carolinian Canada by Brad Cundiff.

The Sibley Guide to Trees Cover

The Sibley Guide to Trees continues to be a detailed, reliable, resource.

to speak for the trees cover

Diana Beresford-Kroeger, Canadian botanist and medical biochemist, combines her traditional Celtic learning with science to show how important trees are to the health of humans and to the planet.

Take a Walk

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